4 Ways to Save Money Without Coupons

Do you know how to save money without coupons? I used to be a moderate couponer when we first got married.  I had just quit my job and we were new to the whole strict budgeting and living on one income thing.

I eventually stopped couponing once I got my teaching job about a year later because it was just too much work and it was not really “necessary” anymore.

Since I have been staying home with our kids, couponing still is not the best use of time in my mind, but I have found a few other ways to save money without coupons.

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If you are looking for ways to save money and hate coupling, check out these easy ways to save money without coupons.

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You have probably heard of some of these, but if you are not using them then you are missing out!  Even if you think that saving a buck is not worth your time and effort, using a combined variety of programs adds up fast.

What is even better is that two of these programs are rebate programs, which means you actually see cash back in your account, not just a savings at the time of purchase.

I don’t know about you, but while I do get a thrill seeing how much I saved written out on my receipt, I get an even bigger thrill getting money put back IN my bank account.

Take a look at four of my favorite ways to save money without coupons.

1. Ibotta

Ibotta is definitely my favorite app to get cash back.  I will admit that I fell out of love with it for a few months, but I have recently gotten back into it and they have added a bunch of great bonuses and offers.

I use it mostly for grocery shopping, but they have expanded into other areas like restaurants, retail stores, Amazon, and even Uber!

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You can build up a team so that you can work together to earn bonuses (extra cash!).  Join my team here.  Invite your friends to join once you are a member and you can earn money for each friend you refer (easy cash!).

Once you get signed up, the app is really easy to use.  For some stores, you choose the items you bought, and scan your receipt after making a purchase.  For others, you need to search for your items before checking out and scanning your app.

And finally, for some of the more awesome stores, you can just scan your receipt after you check out and it will search your receipt for any items that qualify for a rebate – no extra work needed!

I would definitely check out your store before shopping to see what style your favorite stores are.

Once you get to $20, you can get the cash transferred to your Venmo or PayPal account or choose a gift card to a variety of stores, including Target or Amazon.

It is so easy!  Check out what you have been missing.

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2.  Ebates

Ebates is a great way to earn cash back when you are online shopping (although they do offer in-store shopping rebates too!).

Many of the stores that you already shop at will give you 2-5% back on your purchase.

There is also an easy plugin if you use a desktop computer that will pop-up every time you are shopping at a site that offers cash back – you don’t even have to waste brain cells remembering to check! (There is an app too, it just isn’t as cool since it does not alert you.)

Once you sign up, you can refer friends and make even more cash back.

Another great feature is that you can link your debit or credit card to your account and if you buy something in a store that you “add” to your card, it will give you cash back automatically.

Cash is transferred to your PayPal account or a check can be sent to you each quarter (you just have to have at least $5 to receive a payment that quarter).

If you have not signed up already, check it out and add this as one of your ways to save money without coupons.


3.  Target Cartwheel

If you are a frequent flyer at Target, you HAVE to be using the Cartwheel app!

This is the newest way to save money without coupons in our house and I sometimes still forget to check out the deals, but when I do, I almost always find some savings on something in my cart.

Many times you can get 10-20% off items and ONLY if you scan the app!

The concept is easy.  Search for deals you are interested in buying (or scan items in your cart to see what deals you can find), scan your app at checkout, and save money!

The hardest part is remembering to add the deals to your list so that you aren’t scrambling to search for them as your items are being scanned.

Even if you don’t typically shop at Target, it is worth considering checking out the deals on groceries and household items to see if you can score a deal better than at your regular grocery store.

4.  Target REDcard

The final way I love to save money without coupons is by using my Target REDcard.

Did you know that you can get a REDcard that is a debit card?  The money is still taken out of the bank account of your choosing as if you used your normal debit card, BUT you get 5% off just for using it!

EVERY time I shop at Target I use my REDcard – it is basically like paying no sales tax.

Combine your REDcard with the Cartwheel app and you have a nice little savings on your Target trip.

If you use each of these methods on a regular basis, you will see the savings and cash start to add up nicely.  I started using most of these around Christmas this past year and I have already saved/earned back over $150!  (And that is without me being super diligent.)

This is a great way to pad your Christmas budget or pile up vacation spending money.

What are some of your favorite ways to save money without coupons?

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6 thoughts on “4 Ways to Save Money Without Coupons

  • Renae - Outback Revue

    They all sound like great programs ?
    As I’m in Australia couponing isn’t really a thing here so we have to get more creative in saving money.

    I love visiting my local farmer’s markets. You’re buying fresh produce directly from the farmer who grew it so it costs a lot less and they’re not losing out through retail stores taking a big chunk of the money you pay. ?

    Great article – wish we had rebate programs like that here!

    • erin.lysher@gmail.com Post author

      I LOVE farmers markets! We only have a couple once a week in our city, I wish there were more options for fresh food like that. I never knew that about Australia though – interesting!

    • erin.lysher@gmail.com Post author

      Yes, they are so easy!! I love how automatic Ebates can be. But if you have not tried Ibotta, you gotta check it out 🙂

    • erin.lysher@gmail.com Post author

      Yes, it is definitely hard to remember to check it at first, but then once you do get in the habit, it is great! Especially since they release new ways to earn rebates all the time.