Practical Outdoorsman Gifts

Do you have an outdoorsman in your life?  Whether he hunts, fishes, or just likes to be outside working with his hands, here are some great outdoorsman gifts for you to give him.Outdoorsman Gifts | Gift Guide | Gift Guide for Him | Holiday Gifts | Christmas Gift Guide

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Folding Hand Saw – My husband received one of these last year for Christmas and he says it is definitely a must have.  It folds up nicely and is perfect to carry around outside and use at the ready!

Solar Hand Crank Powered Radio – I bought this as a gift for my husband a few years ago because he wanted to play music out in his shed without having to run his phone battery down.  It works perfect as a radio, can be used in emergencies with the hand crank option, and will charge your phone up a little bit in a pinch!

Carhartt Sherpa-Lined Shirt Jacket – This jacket looks great and wears well.  This one is a little more on the heavy side and can easily act as your winter coat.  If you are looking for more of a true shirt to wear for long periods of time indoors, he suggests getting the lighter weight version.

Folding Buck Knife – If you have a knife lover in your life, this folding knife is perfect to add to their collection.  It comes in handy in a variety of scenarios which makes it a great addition to an outdoorsman’s arsenal.

Electronic Fishing Hook Scale – Easy to use and compact, this hook scale is perfect for the fisherman in your life.

LED Tactical Flashlight – It seems that men can never seem to have too many flashlights (or knives, at least in my house).  We bought this set as a gift for someone this year and they are pretty cool.  There are tons of cool features that make these great for a variety of activities such as camping, hunting, biking, etc.

Outdoor Tactical Backpack – My husband a backpack very similar to this one and uses it to go hunting as well as a carry on when he travels for work.  It has tons of pockets to store small tools and accessories and is a perfect size.  This would work great for someone who needs a bag to store all of their “stuff” for their favorite hobby.

Boomerang Snip Cutters – This is a small and simple gift, but is extremely useful for your favorite fisherman.

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