How to Earn Money Grocery Shopping

Last updated on February 28th, 2017

I really hate couponing and she has a great way to earn money while grocery shopping that is easy and not time consuming!

How to Earn Money Grocery Shopping

I used to be really into couponing to save money on groceries.  I was no extreme couponer, however I was pretty excited when I would save $30 or so on a grocery trip.  I truly thought that this was the only way to save money on groceries.  In spite of this, I was still in my phase of buying whatever I wanted every time I went to the grocery store and as long as I saved some money it was all good, right? Wrong.  I have since stopped couponing in the traditional sense for the most part, and found easier and less time consuming ways to save money on groceries.

Additionally, I found a handy little app called Ibotta.  Have you tried it?  I really like it.  I like to think of it as a way to EARN money from my grocery shopping trips.  It is easy to use and I don’t have to necessarily be prepared to use it at checkout.  There are not just rebates on groceries either.  You can find rebates on household items, makeup, alcohol, restaurants, clothing stores, and some specialty stores.

How it Works

In order to get started, you will need to sign up using my link.  By joining my team, you will have more opportunities to earn more money.  Once you are signed up, you can set your location and start browsing the rebates available at the stores you shop.  In order to redeem a rebate, you must perform a small task like answer a question, take a poll, or watch a short video.

Once you have redeemed your rebates and gone shopping, you will scan your items with your phone and take a picture of your receipt to submit.  That is it!  As long as everything matches up with the rebates you redeemed, the amount will be added to your balance.

So easy!  No searching through newspapers and clipping coupons or scouring the internet and worrying about printing.

What I Love About Ibotta (and a Couple of Things I Don’t)

  1. Many of the rebates they offer are on items that you will not normally find a coupon for.  I routinely redeem rebates for milk, eggs, peppers, bananas, and many other fresh items.
  2. There are rebates on beer!  My husband loves beer, but I really do not like using my precious grocery money for it so I am thrilled whenever I can find a great rebate of $3.00-4.00 back on a case!
  3. I don’t have to remember my coupons when I go to the store.  All I have to do is save my receipt and any packaging on my grocery items and I can redeem and verify my rebates when I get home or the next day if I forget.  You do have to make sure you verify and submit your purchases within a week, as there is a time limit.
  4. The “tasks” you have to perform are super easy and take no time at all!
  5. Something I have not tried yet is a new feature they have which allows you to link up certain store loyalty cards and have your rebates automatically verified when you swipe your loyalty card!  Check out the list to see if you shop at any of the participating stores.

In the name of honesty, here are a few things that I do not necessarily like about Ibotta…

  1. In recent weeks/months, the value of the rebates seem to have lowered.  While I used to be able to get .50 or .75 back for a gallon of milk, the usual amount is now down to .25.  This is still better than nothing!
  2. You are not able to claim your cash until you reach $20.  This is just more of an annoyance but in all reality it is probably better as I am more likely to use $20 towards something responsible rather than just having a dollar or two trickle into my bank account here and there.

How to Make the Most Money

You might be sitting here thinking that .50 here and there is not worth your time, but Ibotta gives many incentives and bonuses to those who work as a team!  By signing up with me, you will be added to my team.  As members in your team redeem rebates, you are all further along in completing monthly goals and bonuses.  PLUS as long as you redeem and submit at least one rebate in the first two weeks after signing up, you will receive $10 just for joining my team!  You can then invite others to join your team and receive a $5 bonus when they redeem and submit their first rebate.

I have been using Ibotta for a few months now and it really is an easy way to feel like you earn money while grocery shopping instead of just spending 🙂  And I really love that I can get money back on non-processed foods as this is what I buy the most quantity of nowadays. What is stopping you?  Download the app and starting earning money!

Have you tried Ibotta?  What do you like or not like about it?


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