6 Ways to Make Your Christmas Budget Last

Last updated on November 10th, 2017

This year you are setting a limit on your Christmas spending and are determined to make your Christmas budget last.

You will not buy unnecessary items.

You will not use credit cards and go into debt for Christmas.

You will enjoy the holiday season with your family.

You will not stress over finding the perfect gift or how much money you spent on each person.

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Do these statements sound familiar?

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year…right?  It is supposed to be anyway!

However, far too many of us stress ourselves out over the decorating, gifting, traditions, hostessing, etc.  Many of these activities and traditions end up costing us more money than we would like and many times, more money than we have in the bank.

If you strive to have a cash Christmas this year and are determined to make your Christmas budget last, check out my favorite ways save money this Christmas.

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As you go to implement some of these ideas, you might have to really think and decide what is important to you and your family to celebrate Christmas, but that is the best part – YOU get to decide.

Take care of your immediate family first.

Whether you like to celebrate with gifts, experiences, charitable giving, or quality time, make sure your family spends Christmas the way they like to.

You do not need to buy a gift for everyone that you know.

Just because someone gives you a gift, does not mean that you have to break your budget and go out and get them something.  This is why it is important to plan ahead and really think about who you would like to include in your holiday giving.

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Live trees can be expensive.  

Unless this is truly a high priority for your family (like it is for mine), invest in a fake tree and then you will be able to cut that expense from your budget for years to come.

Don’t send out greeting cards.  

Last year we spent $70 on Christmas cards and $70 on postage.  Yes, this could have been cheaper if I tried, but we have decided not to send cards this year.  It is not a high priority for our family.

Grandparents just want to be remembered.

Many older people do not look forward as much to receiving “things” as much as they just want to be remembered or included.

Bake their favorite cookies, spend a day with them around the holidays, or write them a nice card.

Delegate as a hostess.

If you are hosting a party, don’t hesitate to ask people to contribute by bringing food or alcohol.  Most people are happy to help out and it will allow you to be less stressed about your event and enjoy company!

5 MORE Ways to Make Your Christmas Budget Last

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The first year that you cut down on spending or activities might be a little tough but once you start to set expectations, no one will notice!  If you need more help, don’t forget to check out our Christmas Budget Planner to help you plan our your budget.

What is your best way to make your Christmas budget last?

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